Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DvInIdea of the Week

Was just twittering with @joe and we were lamenting the overuse of the word "guru" of those so-called Social Media Experts so prevalent, or should I say, virulent on Twitter. Now those of us who are "experts" (another word so grossly misused) or leaders in a particular field would NEVER call themselves gurus and in fact, most likely would never even admit their expertise. Most of those folks I have been honored to have met are quite humble about their accomplishments and the let their work speak for itself.

So to honor those who are the real deal and to smoke out those who say rather than do - @joe and I are starting the nominations for the most outrageous (ab)use of term "guru" on Twitter for the first "Twitter Faux Guru" aka #twitterfauxguru contest.

As everything starts with a divine spark of an idea (#shamelessplug)....please use my blog to post nominations and make suggestions on how these entries should be judged....and more will be revealed!

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